birthday boy

Life as a Widower

Jackson, my boy, as you’re three today,

There are two or three things that I’d like say.

There are one or two things you might never have known,

And there are some things I’ll remind you of when you are grown.

One lovely thing that I’d first like to say,

Is that we found out you were coming on Valentine’s Day.

We waited a long time for you to come,

Then finally you were there in your Mummy’s tum.

And you slept best in there during the day,

When you’d never wriggle nor ever play.

At night, however, your limbs grew twitchy,

You’d stop Mummy sleeping and that made her witchy.

So she ate strange things to ease her troubles,

Like fistfuls of soap and Fairy liquid bubbles.

Did you know you like fish fingers because of your Mummy?

She ate millions of them when you were in her…

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